Informatica – PowerCenter – Session -Pre SQL – Post SQL – Drop / Create Indexes

Following SQL query can drop the specified indexes as part of pre SQL in Session: (This query checks existence of index before dropping) BEGIN DECLARE COUNT_INDEXES_1 INTEGER \; BEGIN DECLARE COUNT_INDEXES_2 INTEGER \; BEGIN SELECT COUNT(*) INTO COUNT_INDEXES_1 FROM USER_INDEXES WHERE INDEX_NAME = ‘(mention the index 1 name)’ \; BEGIN SELECT COUNT(*) INTO COUNT_INDEXES_2 FROM […]

Informatica – PowerCenter – Performance Tuning

Bottlenecks overview : Target Source Mapping Session System Using Thread statistics : By default one reader thread,one transformation thread and one writer thread used to process a session. The thread with highest busy percentage identifies the bottleneck in the session. Busy time : percentage of runtime the thread is by according to the following formula […]

Informatica – PowerCenter – Sorter Transformation

The Sorter transformation is an active transformation. It must be connected to the data flow. The Sorter transformation contains only input/output ports. The order the ports appear in the Ports tab determines the succession of sort operations. The Sorter transformation treats the data passing through each successive sort key port as a secondary sort of […]

Informatica – PowerCenter – Expressions

Expressions can be entered using expression editor in following transformations : Aggregator Data masking Expression Filter Rank Router Update strategy Transaction control Expressions can be created by following functions: Transformation language functions : SQL like functions User-defined functions : functions created by user based on transformation language functions Custom functions : created with custom function […]